YEREVAN. - Airbus has started purchasing laser optics from Armenia.

General Director of joint Greek-Armenian company LT-Pyrkal, Gagik Buniatyan, told Armenian News – that since 2015 the French company purchased trial consignments and then began acquiring them regularly.

The French took interest in laser excitation cameras – devices, where light emitting diodes accumulate light and then transfer it to the sapphire crystal, which radiates laser after getting enough power.  

The company manufactures optical laser systems based on synthetic sapphires. Sapphires used to be cultivates in Armenia, but their manufacturing was stopped some time ago. “We hope that it will be resumed, since we were always satisfied with the local raw material,'' Buniatyan said.

The company' s devices are exported to Europe and U.S., as well as India, China, Korea, Japan and, in small quantities, to Russia. In the recent years, the demand for solid laser components produced by the company has been growing.  

''The laser technology market proved to be resistant to the fluctuations of the economy during the recent years.  Apart from this, there are no Chinese companies here yet and thus there is no strong pressure in price issues,'' Buniatyan said.