ALEPPO. – Three Armenians are killed as a result of the shelling of the densely Armenian-populated Villi district of Aleppo, Syria.

Two of the casualties are Arman Hindoyan and Dzila Jabaghchurian, whereas a dead Armenian woman has not yet been identified, according to Kantsasar Armenian newspaper of Syria.

In addition, six other Armenians are wounded. They are: Karnig Garabedian, Mireille Hindoyan, Dzovig Kabikian, Pety Lakhoyan-Hindoyan, Movses Hindoyan, and Nazar Zarminian.

Terrorists are shelling the densely Armenian-populated Nor Kiugh (New Village, in Armenian) and Villi districts of Aleppo, since early Friday morning.

The data on those killed and injured are being updated.