Tesla Motors will register applications for its cheapest model, Model 3, for no earlier than mid-2018. It is explained by the fact, that the entire consignment of cars, the American company expects to produce during the first year of the model’s production, has been sold, said the company head Elon Musk, reports the Motor. A serial production of Model 3 will begin in mid-2017.

In mid-May of 2016 Tesla received at least 373 thousand applications for the sale of its cheapest model. According to Musk, because of the large number of orders, the company will seek to increase production as soon as possible.

Tesla Model 3 was introduced in April. The electric car is built on a new platform, which will be the basis of the next model, Roadster. What is known about the car is that its basic model can develop a speed of 100 km / h  per 6 seconds, whereas the top model  per 4 seconds. The lowest price of the car is 35 thousand dollars.