YEREVAN. – Whenever the Government of Armenia decides to use the Iskander-M tactical-operational missile systems, strikes will be made to the positions of the adversary.

Colonel Artavazd Yaghmuryan, head of the Missile Forces and Artillery Headquarters and Deputy Head of Department of the Armenian Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense (MOD), stated the aforementioned at a press conference on Friday. He added that such a decision is the prerogative of Armenia alone, and not of any other country.

In Yaghmuryan’s words, before acquiring the Iskander long-range ballistic missile system, however, the MOD of Armenia had conducted a training of respective specialists.

Colonel Zorayr Gabrielyan, head of the Arms Operation  and Panzer Division of the Armenian Armed Forces, in turn, noted that Russia, from which Armenia has purchased the Iskander-M system, has no technical capacity to block its operation.

“It’s our [i.e. Armenia’s] weapon,” noted Gabrielyan. “And we are the one to also plan its use.”

As for the Smerch heavy multiple rocket launchers, in Yaghmuryan’s words, the Armenian crew of this weapon had undergone training back in 1996.

“We have specialists for the use of this weapon,” he added.