The share of taxable economic entities is much more modest that that of shadow economy. The real potential of the Armenian economy is not properly realized, the economic expert Tatul Manaseryan, Advisor to the RA Parliament Speaker, told journalists October 22.

“The population and businessmen have spare funds for a while, which are not properly used. They have to be attracted as credits and provided to small businesses. I would like to stress that commercial banks must use their funds for boosting Armenian economy, which must be done by means of credits from government and international agencies,” he said.

Manaseryan holds the opinion that the government must set the rules of the game, and bank interests must not exceed 5-6 per cent. The national economy cannot develop without small and medium businesses. The Diaspora’s economic potential is not used either. It is not so far been calculated, and we have no idea of this potential,” the expert said.