YEREVAN. – In all likelihood, the large round stones, which were recently discovered in Martakert Region of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR/Artsakh), are the “works” of nature, and not manmade, archeologist Hamlet Petrosyan told Armenian

In his words, a youth from the NKR capital city of Stepanakert had informed archeologists about these stones; this news interested the scientific circles, and many considered this discovery to be sensational.

As per Petrosyan, these stones are in the form of a circle, or an ellipse, with an opening inside. The second round stone is in some openings, just like the yolk in the egg white. 

These stones are 1 to 3.5 meters in diameter.

There are several hundred such stones in the steppes of the Artsakh mountains.

The mystery of these stones, however, will be solved only after further research.