The upcoming session of PACE that will open in Strasbourg on April 24 stands out because of recent corruption allegations shaking the Council of Europe, Armenian delegate to PACE Hermine Naghdalyan said.

One of the main issues is the case involving Luka Volonte. Moeover, the name of PACE President Pedro Agramunt is linked to corruption charges.

“This will naturally become the main topic within the political group of the European People's Party and will also be touched upon during the plenary discussions. It should be noted that, in general, the Council of Europe and the Assembly found themselves in an unprecedented situation when such allegations are made against the head of the organization,” Naghdalyan said.

 In this regard, the EPP group will have to make a decision to find a way out of this deadlock, she added.

According to the Armenian delegate, there are numerous issues on the agenda concerning the Syrian crisis, the processes in the Middle East, international fight against terrorism, and developments in Turkey.

There are no issues directly related to Armenia on the agenda of the session.