YEREVAN. - Daughter of leader of Yerkir Tsirsani (Country of Apricot) Party Zaruhi Psotanjyan, Lilit Drampyan, who was taken to Armenia Medical Center after the incident in Mayor Taron Margaryan’s headquarters on the Yerevan Council election day on May 14, has been discharged form hospital.

Deputy Director of Armenia Medical Center, Arsen Grigoryan, told the aforementioned to Armenian News – According to him, Lilit Drampyan, who was diagnosed with concussion, should remain under ambulant control.

On May 14, leader of Yerkir Tsirani party Zaruhi Postanjyan required to show the documents allegedly containing the lists of those who were bribed to vote for the ruling party. The police tried to detain Postanjyan, but finally her daughter was detained.