YEREVAN. - Famous Russian Song and Dance A. V. Alexandrov Ensemble on Monday held a concert at the Russian-Armenian University of Armenia in Yerevan on occasion of the Day of Russia. The ensemble visited the University before as well, but this time it took to the stage with a new composition.

Since the very first moment the artists appeared on the stage, the audience joined in singing the familiar words of the songs ''Smuglyanka'' (Brunette), ''Alyosha,'' ''Ochi chyornie'' (Black Eyes), ''Tri tankista'' (Three tank), ''Sevastopolskiy Vals'' (Sevastopol Walts). The performance was accompanied by dances and music played on national musical instruments.

The ensemble also performed songs in Armenian, including ''Mayrik'' (Mother), ''Hayastan'' (Armenia) and ''Im Hayastan'' (My Armenia).

At the request of the ensemble, the last song, ''Katyusha,'' was performed together with the audience.

The concert was attended by the representatives of the Russian Embassy and different organizations, as well as President of the Russian-Armenian University Armen Darbinyan.

The Alexandrov Ensemble first performed with its new composition this February. The air crash on December 25 in Sochi claimed the lives of 92 people, among whom were the 64 artists of the ensemble.