Reporter Aghunik Ayvazyan of website of Georgia dismissed the reports that Georgian special detachments had beaten the Armenian residents of Kumurdo (Gumburdo) village, in the country.

At a press conference, the journalist said such reports do not correspond to reality. In her words, however, there was actually only one incident, when Armenian policemen had beaten Armenian villagers.

“It’s not correct to describe the incident as clashes between Georgian policemen and Armenians,” added Ayvazyan.

On September 30, clashes occurred between the Armenian residents of Kumurdo and police in Javakheti, which is a predominantly-Armenian-populated part of Georgia’s southeastern Samtskhe-Javakheti Province.

The Armenians wished to place an Armenian cross-stone in the courtyard of the local church, since the bones of their forebears are buried there. Police, however, did not let them inside the church saying they have a respective order.

The situation became tenser, and therefore special forces arrived at the scene.