Police have opened a criminal investigation against an Israeli drone manufacturer that allegedly attempted to bomb the Armenian military on behalf of Azerbaijan during a demonstration of one of unmanned kamikaze aerial vehicles.

News of the investigation came out on Monday as an Israeli court approved a gag order for the case, constraining the information that can be spread about it, The The Times of Israel reported.

For instance, police will not identify the “customer”.

In an announcement, Aeronautics said it would “fully cooperate with any examination on any issue and would work to the best of its capacities so the examination will be as quick as possible.”

The gag order shows that the organization has been under scrutiny since at least September 4, fourteen days after the underlying affirmations turned out with respect to its live-fire demonstration against Armenia.

“The company has also reportedly had dealings with the Myanmar military junta, which is accused of ethnic cleansing for its treatment of the country’s Muslim Rohingya minority,” the article says.

The Aeronautics was deprived of its license to export the Orbiter 1K drone to the “significant client”.

In the article of The Times of Israel says that Israeli military enterprises don’t directly name their clients. Nonetheless, it can be inferred from their announcement that the client was Azerbaijan.

“Last year, Azerbaijan used another Israeli kamikaze drone, an Israeli Aerospace Industries Harop-model, in an attack on a bus that killed seven Armenians,” the article says.