YEREVAN. – The Prime Minister of Armenia, Karen Karapetyan, on Tuesday received a delegation, led by deputy chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly (NA) of Belarus, co-chair of the interparliamentary committee on cooperation between the NAs of Armenia and Belarus, Boleslav Pirshtuk.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the results of the said committee’s tenth meeting in capital city Yerevan will help strengthen bilateral political and economic relations, press office of the government of Armenia informed Armenian Highlighting the importance of economic cooperation, Karapetyan noted that bilateral turnover is at a low level, and added that the two governments are considering a set of specific steps and projects that will help boost Armenian-Belarusian economic ties.

The Premier said he will appreciate the involvement of Belarusian capital at the free economic zone in Meghri, Armenia. Karen Karapetyan made a point of cooperating with Belarusian partners in implementing agricultural machinery, elevator production, agricultural processing, transportation, and several other projects in Armenia. He underscored that the Armenian side is prepared to create the most favorable conditions for Belarusian businesses.

Pirshtuk, in turn, said the tenth meeting of the Armenia-Belarus interparliamentary committee on cooperation was quite productive. He added that the sides had agreed to set up working groups that will work to promote continued development of bilateral relations.

Also, the deputy speaker of the Belarusian House of Representatives attached importance to the promotion of economic ties, and in this regard, considered it necessary to launch direct flights and set up joint ventures. Boleslav Pirshtuk expressed a conviction that the two countries enjoy great opportunities and potential for the development of cooperation.