YEREVAN. – In the current year, results are such that there is growth in industry, services and trade, whereas there was a drop in construction and agriculture in Armenia.

National Assembly (NA) Vice Chairperson and NA “Tsarukyan” Faction member, economist Mikayel Melkumyan, told about the aforesaid to Armenian He noted this reflecting on the fact that an unprecedented 7 percent economic growth was recorded in the country in the eleven months of the current year.

But he stressed that no matter how much people are speaking about this economic growth, it is feeble in qualitative terms.

“The main objective in the country is in the matters of increasing the standard of living of people, [and] reducing unemployment, poverty,” Melkumyan added. “In my view, the main reason for such economic growth is last year’s decline base. Had there been a 2- to 3-percent growth [in 2016], there would not have been a 7-percent growth this year; it would have been worse.”

And when asked when the Armenian society will actually feel the positive effects of this 7 percent economic growth, Mikayel Melkumyan responded as follows, in particular: “If there is [economic] growth, it needs to be correlated; it needs to have an impact on the other indicators.”