The authorities of Saudi Arabia have released 20 people who were previously accused of corruption, reports citing the Wall Street Journal.

Ex-minister of finance and one of the Saudi Aramco state oil company members Ibrahim Abdul Aziz al-Assaf were among released. Ibrahim Abdul Aziz al-Assaf was accused of fraud associated with a project to expand the mosque in Mecca.

Sources of the publication said that Saudi authorities also released Prince Turki bin Khalid, the former assistant of finance minister and former head of Saudi Telecom, from custody. The source said that all of them were released. At the same time, they noted that in case of those who remained under arrest, legal proceedings on charges of corruption will soon begin.

The detention of princes, ministers, and former officials in Saudi Arabia was announced on November 5. The charges brought against them include: money laundering, abuse of power, bribery and embezzlement. The supreme anti-corruption committee sanctioned the arrests. The committee was created by King Salman, and is headed by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. As part of the campaign against corruption, the authorities want to confiscate up to $ 800 billion.