Police of Armenia received a call, on Thursday at 7:25pm.

They were informed that a hit-and-run had occurred at the Metsamor town section of the Armavir-Yerevan motorway, and one person was dead.

Police found out that a car—with Aleksan M. (born in 1963) behind its steering wheel—had hit Susanna Grigoryan (born in 1969), Greta Gh. (born in 1979), Ira Sh. (born in 1977), and Naira Aghajanyan (born in 1973) at around 7:10pm, at the Metsamor town section of the Armavir-Yerevan motorway. As a result, Naira Aghajanyan had died on the spot, whereas the aforesaid other women had sustained injuries and were hospitalized.

Subsequently, Susanna Grigoryan died in hospital without regaining consciousness.

Initially, the driver fled the scene. But soon after he parked his vehicle near the gasoline station close to the scene of this incident. Afterward, he handed himself over to police.

It was found out that Aleksan M. was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The victims were attending their relative’s funeral service at the funeral parlor near the scene of this incident.

An investigation is underway.