A resident of Roperuelos de Paramo, Rosa Maria de Cato Fernandez found a check for € 9 thousand in a pie bought for the New Year, Europe Press reported.

The confectionery factory Conrado in León de La Bañeza, Spain, hid such an unusual gift in one of the desserts that went on sale on January 2. Fortunate favored Rosa Maria de Cato Fernandez from Roperuelos del Paramo.

According to the source, Rosa Maria de Cato Fernandez bought three pies usually eaten January 6 on the day of the Epiphany. The woman left herself only one pie, where she discovered € 9 thousand.

For the first time the idea of hiding money in king cakes came to the owners of Conrado in 2009, when the confectioners decided to surprise the buyers with € 500.

The tradition of preparing the pie on the day of the Epiphany originates in the XIII-XIV centuries. On this day, Catholics recall the worship of the Magi to the infant Jesus.