YEREVAN. – Armenia is entering a critical political phase, President Serzh Sargsyan said during a meeting in parliament.

The National Assembly should elect the fourth president of the Republic of Armenia, the President said, expressing hopethat all the deputies will take responsibility for the elections.

“It is desirable that the president of the republic be elected following a broad parliamentary agreement,” he said.

He recalled that until March 9, the National Assembly should also elect the members of the Supreme Court, which he described as “a crucial body for the future of our country”.

“The National Assembly should also appoint members of a new autonomous body - the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. There is no need to explain how important the fight against this evil is for the future of our country and the economy. And, of course, after April 9, the National Assembly should appoint the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.

I mentioned some of the landmarks of our roadmap on the transition to a new system of government. Today, perhaps, it is worth focusing on the events that will take place until mid-March or early April. I expect that you will be active during this discussion,” he told the lawmakers.