YEREVAN. -- The delay of Russian plane's flight from Mexico has no relation to the Armenians. According to Armenian embassy in Mexico, the delay of Rossiya Airlines departure from Cancún is caused by debt he company had.

According to Mexico’s migration service, the delay has no relation to Armenian nationals.

“Armenian citizens got Mexican visas in Moscow but they were denied to enter the country upon arrival to Cancun. Mexico’s migration authorities decided to return them to the country from where they arrived, namely Russia,” the Armenian foreign ministry tweeted.

Earlier Russia media reported, that allegedly due to the actions by the Mexican aviation authorities, the plane was unable to fly from Cancún, Mexico. Russian media said the airline has no debts.  

Armina Volbert, honorary consul of Russia in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo, had told the agency that about 500 Russian tourists could not fly back to their country due to outstanding debt to the Cancún airport.

“Due to an unexpected request by the department of migration of Mexico, however, four Armenian citizens had to be deported [back] to the Republic of Armenia on board the Russian flight,” Rossiya Airlines noted, on the other hand. “For that reason, the airport was not permitting the plane to fly.”