Sudden readiness checks were held in the Defense Army of Karabakh on February 6-7, which involved the administrations of the Defense Army, a number of military units, management and supply agencies under the leadership of the Defense Minister of the Artsakh Republic, Defense Army commander, Lieutenant-General Levon Mnatsakanyan. 

According to the program of military cooperation, action coordination and exchange of experience of the two Armenian states, the representatives of the command staff of Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia headed by Colonel-General Movses Hakobyan tracked the military processes of paramount importance, the press service of the Defense Ministry of Artsakh reported.

All the structures and subdivisions involved in the chekings were brought to the state of combat readiness of the "high" level, positioned in pre-calculated clusters in full readiness for combat actions, then, completed the orders  of the command.

During the trainings according to the emerging combat situation requirements of nominal war, various subdivisions of the participating military units also performed separate combat tasks. The superior command reviewed the submitted reports, followed the requirements for the compliance of the processes, and also directed and made some corrections in the operations.

All commanders, divisions, military units and administrative bodies demonstrated a proper level of combat readiness. As a result the army improved the management system, the level of harmonization of all types of troops and military units, and the ability to get to combat readiness of a ''high'' degree.