Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged that the United Kingdom (UK) will have the most active participation in global security issues, even after Brexit, and she called for closer transatlantic cooperation, reported TASS news agency of Russia.

“But clearly our security interests don’t stop at edge of our [European] continent,” May said at the Munich Security Conference. “Not only do the threats to our internal security emanate from beyond our borders, as we look at the world today we are also facing profound challenges to the global order.

“And in the face of these challenges, I believe it is our defining responsibility to come together and reinvigorate the transatlantic partnership - and the full breadth of all our global alliances – so that we can protect our shared security and project our shared values.”

“That is true whether fighting the ideologies of Daesh, developing a new global approach to migration, ensuring the Iranian nuclear deal is properly policed or standing up to Russia’s hostile actions, whether in Ukraine, the Western Balkans or in cyberspace,” she added.

Also, the British PM called on European leaders to intensify their efforts toward a new security agreement between the UK and the European Union, and which shall come into force after Brexit, by the end of 2019.