The residents of Ohanavan village of Armenia’s Aragatsotn Province on Tuesday blocked the road leading to this rural community.

They argued that Russia is not permitting vehicles from Armenia entering Russia from the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Georgia-Russia border, and therefore they are unable to export their agricultural produce to Russia.

According to the villagers, their vehicles are at the aforementioned border for the past eleven days, and they are not allowed to cross the border.

In their words, the governor of Aragatsotn had informed the PM of Armenia about this matter, and the Premier instructed to resolve it. But many of these villagers are skeptical, noting that even the ministers have stated that the resolution to this matter is beyond their power.

After long negotiations with the village mayor, however, the villagers eventually opened the road.

Subsequently, some of them went to a meeting with the provincial governor, and then they will decide on their future courses of action.