Determination and boundless love are the feelings that characterize my attitude towards Armenia,  Mayor of Lyon Georges Képénékian said during the reception organized in Embassy of France in Yerevan on Tuesday.

Képénékian noted that the day before he visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial, but this visit differed from others as he honored memory of the victims on behalf of the fellow citizens for the first time. 

"On their behalf, I planted a fir tree at the Memory Park of the Memorial," the Mayor of Lyon said.

He added that he did not want to come to Armenia only as a tourist. "I love Armenia with all my heart, but I have never experienced melancholic feelings towards this country," Kepenekian stressed.

According to him, this year will be special for the relations between the countries, as a number of events are planned within the framework of the La Francophonie summit, which will be held in Yerevan in October. Képénékian stressed that a number of high-level visits will be held, including the visit of President Emmanuel Macron.

During the speech, the mayor of Lyon also urged the fellow citizens to develop political contacts and business projects with representatives of Armenia.