The dead body of Hayrapet Hergnyan (born in 1963) was found Wednesday at the garbage dump of Gavar, Armenia. 

He was searched for by the police as missing, informed the Armenia Police news service.

On March 4 at 10:45pm, police received a call from a woman that, on the same day at around 3pm, her husband Hayrapet Hergnyan had left the Gavar town market to come home, but he had gone missing.

It turned out that a murder was committed.

According to preliminary information, Gavar resident Misha M. (born in 1969) had killed Hergnyan and hid his body in the town landfill site. He was taken to the police station upon suspicion of committing this crime.

A forensic autopsy has been commissioned.

Misha M. is arrested.

An investigation is underway.