The residents of Ohanavan village of Armenia’s Aragatsotn Province, and who on Tuesday blocked the road leading to this rural community, have closed this road on Wednesday, too.

They say Russia does not allow trucks from Armenian to enter Russia via the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Georgia-Russia border, and therefore they are unable to export their agricultural produce to Russia.

Hayk, an Ohanavan resident, told Armenian that some of these trucks, which are waiting for more than twelve days at the aforesaid checkpoint, on Wednesday were sent back to Armenia. And these vehicles are now waiting at Armenia’s Bagratashen checkpoint with Georgia, so that the problem with the documents is resolved and are permitted to cross the border.

In this Ohanavan resident’s words, the governor of Aragatsotn came to speak with the protesting villagers on Wednesday, too, and promised that he will take steps to resolve this matter.