On March 2, the Investigative Committee of Armenia had informed that a 28-year-old Czech Republic citizen had reported that on March 1, a young man had attempted to sexually assault her in the Lori Province. 

Within the framework of the criminal case that was filed into this incident, it was found out that the alleged offender is a resident of the aforesaid province, and he was born in 1994.

According to the facts that were ascertained, the said foreign woman had gotten lost while cycling in the Lori Province and found herself in a deserted field, where a young man approached her and, taking advantage of the absence of people in the surrounding area, committed violent sexual acts against her.

The case into this incident has been sent to court.

According to the indictment, on March 1 at around 7:30pm, Armen F. wanted to perform sexual acts against the will of Eva J.

A criminal charge has been filed against Armen, and on the count of committing violent sexual acts.

The man is taken into custody.