YEREVAN. – Ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) MP, National Assembly former Chairman Galust Sahakyan, has never thought about the possibility that incumbent President—and RPA Chairman—Serzh Sargsyan may not run for the office of the next Prime Minister.

Speaking to Armenian, Sahakyan said this matter has never been discussed.

When asked what will happen if Sargsyan will not be the PM in April, he responded: “I don’t think so. I don’t even want to think about that.”

To the query as to why he has not considered this option, Sahakyan noted: “I’m sure that he [Sargsyan] will be [the next PM]. I have arguments that I will present right at that time when the matter will be discussed.”

When asked what if Sargsyan remained faithful to his previous statement and did not run for PM, the Armenian parliament ex-speaker responded: “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

To the question that has he always thought that Sargsyan will be the next PM, Sahakyan noted: “I don’t see another candidate today.”

When asked why he has not though about another option, he responded: “Because the arguments that there are are such that I don’t think that the tasks which we have set to this day will not reach to the end.”  

And to the remark that there is not much time to think about, Galust Sahakyan responded: “There isn’t [anything] to think about; that’s why I’m not thinking [about it].”