The Serbian parliament has rejected the opposition’s proposal to recognize Armenian Genocide.

Even though such motions have been submitted several times in the Serbian legislature over the past decade, they have always been rejected, according to RFE/RL Balkan Service.

This time a resolution recognizing the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was submitted by Serbia’s former Prime Minister Zoran Živković, who now heads the opposition New Party.

Speaking to the RFE/RL Serbian Service, Živković underscored the need for Belgrade to clarify its position on this matter, and he recalled that both Russia and most of the US states have recognized this greatest tragedy of the 20th century.

According to various estimates, solely up to 300 Armenians live in Serbia which has a population of about 7 million, and which also was part of the Ottoman Empire at the turn of the last century.