The UK National Security Council will meet early next week to consider next steps following Russian decision to expel UK diplomats from Moscow, the British Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

According to the statement, Britain has expected the Russian retaliation, which includes closing the British consulate in St. Petersburg and barring the British Council.

“Russia’s response doesn’t change the facts of the matter - the attempted assassination of two people on British soil, for which there is no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian State was culpable. It is Russia that is in flagrant breach of international law and the Chemical Weapons Convention,” the statement reads.

As reported earlier, UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused Russia of being responsible for attack on Sergei Skripal  and his daughter on March 4 and decided to expel 23 Russian diplomats from UK. May has confirmed no ministers or members of the royal family will attend the World Cup in Russia.