YEREVAN. – Iranian national who was injured in the blast in Burger King fast-food restaurant was discharged from hospital on Tuesday morning, Armenian emergecny sitituations ministry reported

Rubina Markosyan, 8, is in a critical condition, the rest are in satisfactory condition, the ministry said.

Earlier it was reported that the explosion occurred on Monday evening in Burger King restaurant on the Northern Avenue in downtown Yerevan.

The ministry of emergency situations released the identities of the injured: Rudolph Markosyan, 6, Rubina Markosyan, 8, Zaruhi Melikyan, 19, Erik Ashughyan, 24 – Iran national, Alyona Agapova, 15 – Russia national, Liza Abramova, 15 – Russia national, Yaroslav Lyubenko, 15 – Russia national, Zeyna Husseini, 24, Iran national.

Life of 8-year old girl, injured in Burger King explosion, is out of danger