YEREVAN. – Tourism in Armenia has problems in connection with infrastructures.

Hripsime Stambulyan, the founding manager of a local travel agency, on Friday told about the aforementioned to Armenian, at the In Tour Expo and the SportWay international exhibitions being held in capital city Yerevan.

This travel agency is Air Cairo’s official representative in Armenia. In addition, it is engaged in inbound tourism, it conducts combined tours between Armenia and Georgia, and works toward attracting tourists to Armenia—especially from Egypt.

When asked what draws tourists to Armenia, Stambulyan responded as follows, in particular: “Armenia is interesting for gastro tourism, alcotourism, and adventure tourism, alike. They come a lot [also] for medical tourism. Dental and plastic surgery services are quite affordable in Armenia; and since they are not covered by insurance policies, tourists from Europe, Russia are interested. [But] we have a problem of certain recognition; Armenia’s recognition shall be raised. We have good doctors, affordable prices.”

She noted, however, that there are problems with respect to airline tickets.

“Since we don’t have direct flights to many countries, airline ticket prices turn out to be quite expensive,” Hripsime Stambulyan noted. “We have a problem with infrastructures. The number of 3-, 4-star—especially brand—hotels is low, whereas that’s the condition for attracting the young tourist. They are primarily five-star hotels [here] at us.”

The In Tour Expo and the SportWay international exhibitions are held simultaneously in Yerevan, from Friday to Sunday.

Armenian is the information sponsor of these two events.