YEREVAN. – I deeply regret that the political crisis continues, despite the fact that everyone is declaring its danger for the future of the country.

The President of Armenia, Armen Sarkissian, on Wednesday issued a statement with such content.

“Yesterday the National Assembly failed to elect a Prime Minister of the country,” the statement also reads. “The attention of us all is focused on the actions by the political forces involved. I urge to continue the consultations, during the coming week, toward finding a way out of the crisis, and which will serve our common national interests.”

The National Assembly (NA) on Tuesday did not endorse—with a vote of 45 for and 56 against—opposition movement leader, Civil Contract Party Political Council member, and NA “Way Out” (Yelk) Faction head Nikol Pashinyan’s candidacy as Prime Minister. The parliamentary majority faction of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia voted against Pashinyan, who was the only candidate.

At the subsequent rally on Tuesday evening, Pashinyan called on his supporters to on Wednesday resume their peaceful and nonviolent campaign of civil disobedience—such as boycotting of school classes, staging of labor strikes, and blocking of streets and the Yerevan subway.

On May 8, a new election for PM will be held at NA, during which the respective candidates will be nominated by at least one-third of the total number of MPs—in the 105-seat parliament.

And if a PM is not elected this time, too, the current NA will be dissolved by law.

Subsequently, a snap parliamentary election will be conducted.