YEREVAN.- Armenian President Armen Sarkissian stated that he will work with Nikol Pashinyan if he is elected as Armenia's PM, Sarkissian said in an interview with "Echo of Moscow".

"He is a young, really talented person ... But this is one quality. Only time will tell what kind of prime minister he will be," Sarkissian said, adding that if Pashinyan wants he can give him advice and can show that the priority is law, legality and constitution. 

Speaking about prospects of Pashinyan's election as the prime minister on May 8, Sarkissian noted that it is difficult to do forecasts as "we're all people" and "all is in God's hands."

However, he noted that he will elect the country's new prime minister on May 8.

"And the new government will face the realities of life on the first day. It's one thing to point out mistakes, shortcomings and problems, it's another matter when they are given the opportunity to solve them. It is always easier to specify than to work structurally," the President said.

Sarkissian noted that he does not want to foresee Pashinyan's economic policy but he is sure that this will not affect the Armenian-Russian relations, because Russia and Armenia are connected by deep relations.