STEPABAKERT. – Azerbaijani authorities by using vvarious technologies distort the principles of international law in order to mislead the world community, and first of all its own citizens, spokesperson for Karabakh president said.

Davit Babayan commented for Armenian on the statement of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry representative regarding the settlement of Karabakh conflict.

“First of all it is an attempt of the Azerbaijani side to present the principle of territorial integrity as the prevailing one. In fact, there are no hierarchies among the principles, they are all equal. Moreover, the principle of territorial integrity concerns the attempts of external influence by force, which cannot be applied to Nagorno-Karabakh, whose population proclaimed independence,” said David Babayan.

In this context, he recalled the example of Kosovo, as its justification for acquiring independence was reflected in numerous documents, reports and studies in the United States, Britain, France, etc.

“The same applies to Karabakh, and there are the same principles,” Babayan said, adding that international law primarily protects human rights, not territories on their own.

“Attempts by the Azerbaijani side to distort legislation and ignore the fact that international law is called to protect human rights is not surprising. After all, Azerbaijan itself totally violates the rights of its own citizens, not to mention the rights of citizens of other states,” he concluded