YEREVAN. – At its Cabinet meeting on Friday, the government of Armenia has approved its program.

In the program, it is noted that the key objective of the government’s activities will be to lay down the values of the nonviolent, velvet, people’s revolution—that took place in Armenia in April and May—as a foundation for public and national relations, and to implement the concepts of this revolution as a constant political reality.

Also, the government program states that the current National Assembly (NA) does not express the actual political mood and preference of the Armenian people and the actual ratio of political forces, and therefore this reality causes an indisputable need for holding a snap parliamentary election in Armenia—and within one year, at the latest.

By a government decision, it was proposed to the NA speaker to convene a special NA session on June 7. The matter of approval of the government’s program also will be on the agenda of this sitting.