YEREVAN.- MP Manvel Grigoryan's arrest is not only related to finding of a large number of weapons; his arrest is related with the fact that Manvel Grigoryan is connected with the stealing  of a large number of aid during the April war, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said Sunday.

"Manvel Grigoryan's arrest is connected with the suspicion that he has been involved in embezzlement and stealing of aid for the April war.

Manvel Grigoryan's arrest is related to the suspicion that he, for example, has embezzled the food sent for the soldiers by schoolchildren and has fed his animals, his bears and tigers. And there are solid suspicions that he has embezzled the aid sent for the people of Karabakh, the aid sent to the army, and these suspicions are justified by the results of his search at his private house, "said Pashinyan.

He underlined that no one denies that Manvel Grigoryan is a hero of Artsakh. "But even heroes is not given the right to steal the aid provided by Gyumri, Echmiadzin and Yerevan schoolchildren, and to feed their own animals," said Pashinyan.

According to Pashinyan, besides this, there are doubts that the technical equipment sent to the army, in particular cars, has also been embezzled.