The French President Emmanuel Macron told the US President Donald Trump during the NATO summit on July 11-12 that he had read Trump’s book “the Art of the Deal”, Axios reported. 

According to the source, Trump urged Macron to persuade the EU countries to negotiate with Washington on trade issues. The French leader, in his turn, assured the president that he was not in favor of negotiating under threat.

"I read the Art of the Deal," the French president told Trump, with a smile adding: “I know that we need to retaliate first so we have some leverage in the negotiation.”

As reported earlier, the U.S. President Donald Trump decided to impose duties on EU, Canada and Mexico on steel and aluminum 25% and 10% respectively. The states, in their turn, decided to impose duties on the US.

The EU started the WTO proceedings and, since June 22, introduced duties of 25% on certain types of US metallurgical, engineering and agricultural goods, with the total volume of exports of € 2.8 billion per year.