Even though the situation at the border is stable, war must be awaited each and every second.

The Defense Minister of Armenia, Davit Tonoyan, on Wednesday told the abovementioned to reporters at the Ministry of Defense, and during the graduation ceremony for the 2017/18 academic year graduates of military education institutions from Armenia and abroad.

“We are always waiting for the resumption of military actions,” the minister noted. “Moreover, not only by Azerbaijan.”

To the remark that his most recent interview was perceived as a direct warning to Azerbaijan, Tonoyan responded as follows: “Aside from making a statement, I have grounds for the spirit and [combat-]readiness of our armed forces. We will do what the Prime Minister and the defense minister state.”

As for the Nakhichevan direction, Davit Tonoyan noted as follows: “The Azerbaijani side continues to carry out engineering works there; they are fortifying their [military] positions. [But] we are taking measures so that we neutralize those actions.”

Also, the Armenian defense minister dismissed the reports that tension had risen in the Nakhichevan direction.

“There is no such thing,” he said. “The [Armenian] armed forces have taken such actions that they have neutralized the reduction of that inter-[military] positional space.”