Mayor Hayk Toroyan and Vano Khachatryan came out on April 2, 2016 from the Mataghis military unit. They said goodbye and went to the opposite directions to bring weapons to their positions.

“For the last time I saw Hayk 5 minutes before going to the battlefield. Together we have loaded the ammunition into the car,” said Vano Khachatryan.

Hayk Toroyan served for five years at the Mataghis military unit and at the age of 31 he was promoted to the rank of Major and was one of the best officers of the military unit.

Soon he was going to move to Yerevan as the order has already been signed, and he was going to continue his service at the Armenian Defense Ministry. The officer decided to make a family after moving to Yerevan.The four-day war, however, left the mayor's dreams unrealized. Early in the morning of April 2, 2016, when he heard about the tense situation on the line of contact, he headed to positions to help the soldiers.

“I saw Hayk for the last time 5 minutes before going to the battlefield. Together we have taken the ammunition to the car, and we said goodbye…and for the next time I saw him dead. Hayk was confident that eveything would be good, he was not afraid. He even shaved in the morning , spayed the perfume and said ‘If I am captured I don’t want them to think I am untidy” said his friend.

Hayk Toroyan fellow friends found his body on April 3. Vano does not want to talk about his friend’s murder but said that he was fighting till the end.

"On the way to the battlefield Hayk met the enemy subversive-intelligence group, he had a battle ... the strength was unequal, Hayk fought against two Azerbaijanis. And until the last bullet Hayk fought and then died.”

A monument was erected where Hayk was killed and according to Vano, the opening ceremony will be held after the reconstruction of the territory, which will also be attended by Hayk Toroyan’s family.

"So Hayk is always with us, we come there, talk to him, and come back to the service again," the officer concluded.