YEREVAN.- Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's wife, Anna Hakobyan talked to mother of Karen Ghazaryan, who is currently in the Azerbaijani captivity, and provided information about her son.

“I am happy to announce that today I talked to the mother of Karen Ghazaryan, who is in Azerbaijani captivity, and I conveyed to her a very important and awaited information I have received from the head of the International Committee of Red Cross delegation to Armenia. Yesterday, the ICRC representatives visited captive Karen Ghazaryan, he was alive and felt good. Karen received his mother’s letter. Karen said everything is good with him”, Anna Hakobyan said on Facebook.

Karen Ghazaryan (born in 1984), a resident of Berdavan border village of Armenia’s Tavush Province, had ended up in Azerbaijan for unknown reasons, and was captured.

Azerbaijan, however, had attempted to present this as “the prevention of a reconnaissance group of the Armenian Armed Forces on the border.” The incident allegedly had occurred in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Gazakh region. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry had said an Armenian serviceman was taken captive.

But the Armenian Defense Ministry formally declared that Ghazaryan was not serving and had never served in the Armed Forces of Armenia.