Common sense, manliness, and patriotism are more likely to be attached to the surnames of the initiators and performers of this “circus”—regardless of their political and other hues—than the term “crime”—to the Farmanyan surname. 

Samvel Farmanyan, member of the National Assembly faction of the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia, wrote the aforesaid on Facebook. He noted this commenting on the decision to indict and arrest his sister, Anahit Farmanyan, the former Prorector of Shirak State University.

Samvel Farmanyan added, in particular, that his sister had a connection with the respective case to the extent that she was his sister.

Within the framework of the criminal case which the Investigative Committee has filed, it was decided to indict Samvel Farmanyan’s sister on charges of large-scale fraud.

And the court ruled that Anahit Farmanyan be remanded in custody.

A search for her has been declared.