YEREVAN. – The 100 days of our government’s activities is coming to an end, and during which we have fulfilled our main task: we have ensured the country’s normal activities and the continued normal development of the economy in the post-revolutionary period.

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, stated the aforementioned at Thursday’s Cabinet meeting of the government.

Pashinyan noted that, in his view, Armenia is entering a new phase following these 100 days, and the meaning of this phase is putting the reforms into an “afterburner.”

“That is, making very fast and effective reforms, so that a new ‘breath’ is opened, the ‘speed’ is accelerated of our country and for the economy,” he said, “so that we can already record very concrete prospects and results, also in the context of budget discussions.”

The PM expressed the hope that the content and energy accumulated within these 100 days—whose results will be summed up during Friday’s rally at Republic Square—will enable the government to implement with new impetus and to pursue the tasks which Armenian citizens have set before them.

“There is no doubt that we fulfill and will fulfill those tasks effectively,” Nikol Pashinyan added. “And the triumph of the Armenian people and the Republic of Armenia is inevitable.”