YEREVAN. – Former Armenian defense minister, and ex-PM of Artsakh Arthur Aghabekyan rejected embezzlement charges.

In a statement made on Facebook Aghabekyan said he was questioned within the criminal case as a head of the Martik foundation and “gave detailed answers to all questions” and he is ready to cooperate with the investigators, although he does not accept the accusations.

Aghabekyan said he was working in accordance with the charter and ideas of Martik foundation.

According to investigators, part of the funds raised by the Martik foundation was misused. Preliminary reports suggest that over 54 million drams (over $111 thousand) was spent on restaurants, hotels and gifts. Arthur Aghabekyan, who was chairman of the board of trustees in the mentioned period, was in fact the sole manager of the funds. The part of funds was spent in the restaurants and hotels where 40 percent belongs to Aghabekyan.