YEREVAN. – At midnight, several dozens of truck drivers from Armenia blocked the Bagratashen-Sadakhlo customs checkpoint—between the Armenia-Georgia border—for two to three hours.

Thus, they protested against the Georgian government’s decision to ban grain transportation via motorways on the territory of Georgia.

Lusine Mkrtchyan, spokesperson for the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of Armenia, told the aforesaid to Armenian

“The [Armenian] customs checkpoint also permitted to carry out the [protest] action without obstruction because the objective [of this protest] wasn’t to obstruct the operations of the customs house,” the SRC spokesperson added. She noted that the customs checkpoint is open at this time.

By a decision of the Georgian government, the import of grain and some similar crops into Armenia via Georgian motorways were to be prohibited as of Saturday, September 15. As a result, grain and bread prices may increase in Armenia.

This decision applies to all countries which carry out such type of cargo transportation via Georgia.

But the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Armenia has informed Saturday that this ban on grain cargos’ import via Georgian motorways has been put off to October 1.