Weapons sold to Azerbaijan fire in the direction of CSTO member state Armenia, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Eduard Sharmazanov said during the 11th session of the Inter-parliamentary Committee on Cooperation between the National Assembly of Armenia and National Assembly of Belarus took place in Minsk on Monday,  the press service of the parliament of Armenia reported,

Sharmazanov referred to, inter alia, the activities of the CSTO and regional security issues.

“Armenian-Belarusian inter-parliamentary relations are of key importance given that both countries are members to the CSTO and the EAEU. Security issues continue to be a priority for our region. Back in 2000 our counties adopted a declaration in the sidelines of the Collective Security Treaty, according to which military-technical cooperation between the member states of the organization had to be a priority, but it’s not a secret that some CSTO member states sell arms to Azerbaijan. It’s necessary to note that the weapons sold to Azerbaijan fired, fire and will probably fire in the direction of CSTO member state Armenia. This is concerning.

I have to note that in the recent period the Azerbaijani forces often fire at the civilian population of the bordering communities of Armenia, which is a gross violation of all the international norms. I think our partners should condemn such an unconstructive policy,” he noted.