YEREVAN. – Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has rejected a petition filed by Prosperous Armenia party representative Ruben Manukyan over campaign targeted against the party.

Prosperous Armenia petitioned over “Independent Observer” organization’s press conference that was held a day before the Yerevan mayoral elections. The party said the organization was campaigning on the silence day, thus breaching the law.

In his speech CEC chairman Tigran Mukuchyan said the party was named and some facts were voiced during a media conference, but there were no calls against the party of for the party.

“The pontiff says campaign was launched against Prosperous Armenia, but Daniel Ionesyan [head of “Independent Observer”] says it was just providing information.

According to Article 70 of the Constitution, the Electoral Code regulations do not clearly define actions, the implementation of which can be described as a pre-election campaign. Moreover, the CEC notes that the Electoral Code does not clearly define those principles, which, if applied, could define the boundaries of election campaigning and providing information.