YEREVAN. – In purely technical sense, the capital city Yerevan Council of Elders’ election was a step backwards, since there were no video cameras.

Former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Vice-Chairman Armen Ashotyan, who is also a member of the National Assembly (NA) faction of the RPA, on Tuesday told the above-said to reporters at parliament.

“There were video cameras, online broadcasting in the 2017 elections,” he said. “Numerous [electoral] fraud (…) was recorded thanks to those video cameras; [but] they weren’t [there] during the Yerevan elections.”

The RPA MP added that he does not consider valid the arguments that those video cameras were distributed to various governmental departments, and therefore it would have been difficult to take them back. He expressed the confidence that these video cameras are on the balance sheet of primarily the Ministry of Defense and they monitor the country’s boundaries, but they could have been brought back to the election precincts.

As for whether he rules out that a snap parliamentary election could be conducted in the current year, Ashotyan said he did not rule out such a variant.

“Going to negotiations by ruling out the result means engaging in wasting time and misleading the society and [one’s] own political team,” he noted. “I don’t rule out that the parties will come to a common agreement as a result of those political consultations. (…). But when they come to negotiate, both sides should be ready to compromises too.”