There will be no confidential decision on Artsakh, the theory of conspiracy must be excluded completely. Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this during the meeting with the Armenian community in Lebanon.

According to him, the representatives of the international community often voice the question during the various negotiations if Armenia is ready for compromise. "In response to that question, I usually reply, and is Azerbaijan ready for compromises? I do not think that Armenia should answer this question first, but for some reason, after being elected to the post of prime minister, there is such logic, or I do not know who and where it has decided that Armenia should answer that question first. Armenia is not going to answer the question first. At least the answer should be synchronized, "said Pashinyan.

He underlined that  Armenia will be adequate in any situation. "I can hardly imagine the settlement of the issue without specification and clarification of Artsakh's status. This is a fact that we stress during our speeches that Artsakh's security and status are the cornerstone for resolution. "

He also emphasized that the most important and crucial factor in the context of the issue settlement is the position of the Artsakh power and people. "The people of Artsakh are the number one owner of this issue and the opinion of the people and the authorities of Artsakh is decisive in terms of the issue's resolution. "