ARARAT brand launches new advertising campaign revealing new facets of production in continuation of the “Heart to Heart” campaign.

Advertising campaign "From the Heart of ARARAT" developed together with TBWA Moscow international agency is an illustratively rich, vitrage story about the unique features of Armenian brandy ARARAT -generous Armenian nature, craftsmanship refined by centuries, inconceivable passion towards beloved work and the art of patience.

The creation of authentic brandy is a hand-made process, which is a cascade of creative mastery, each tier of which is deeper revealed by the virtuosic performance of the next. Illustrating the process of brandy creation and reflecting the segmentation of ARARAT brandy range, the new campaign is made in the form of a triptych, each fragment of which tells about a particular episode of creation.

Created by nature, crafted by masters

In the frames of the new campaign ARARAT brandies transmit one of the most important components of production - the use of exclusively Armenian endemic grapes, the quality of which is monitored by experts of the Yerevan Brandy Company not only at the time of the annual purchase, but also throughout the year. The compositional focus of the illustration is a bottle of ARARAT Five stars, the rich background of which adorns the grapes of the Ararat valley, a fragment of a distillation machine and an oak barrel symbolically prompting the viewer the entire way of the creation of ARARAT brandy. Thus, with its new campaign ARARAT invites to see the entire production spiral - from grapes to a finished bottle, which, being a kind of artistic refraction, represents the fact that the whole production process is carried out at Yerevan Brandy Company – the indisputable advantage of ARARAT brandies. 

The art of unique blends

The visual solution for more aged ARARAT brandies is appealed to the most creative stage of brandy creation - the art of blending. The careful selection of brandy spirits and the mastery of their elegant combination are often metaphorically compared to the art of making perfume, painting or writing of music. ARARAT brandies are created by masters, whose experience has refined their knowledge for decades and immersed them into all the nuances of the profession. With a target audience of inspiring and inspired women who are capable of not only appreciating art, but also seeing the harmony of filigree combinations behind it, the advertising campaign of the premium segment visualizes ARARAT Ani brandy created with dozens of brandy spirits of different ages, the combination of which creates legendary Armenian brandies ARARAT.

Created by time becomes history

ARARAT super premium range, which consists of ARARAT Vaspurakan and ARARAT Nairi brandies, metaphorically represents time as an irreplaceable participant in the creative process. Aging is the longest stage in brandy creation requiring not only knowledge, skills, but also obedient patience. It is throughout time that brandy spirit, while aging in oak barrels, reveals the richness of the vine and creates a great variety of organoleptic palette. Placed in the heart of an old oak, the image of ARARAT Nairi brandy illustratively rhymes with the 20-year-old age of Nairi brandy and the abundance of oak rings, which symbolizes the centuries old tree.

The print series of the new advertising campaign was made by photographer Barry Makariou. Known for his work with such luxury brands as Rolex and Tom Ford, Barry Makariou is one of the best still life photographers working with famous Hasselblad camera.

"It was important for us not only to tell a visual story, but also to convey the full premiumness of the product. The shooting took place with a lot of requisite and without a single computer-generated imagery, which in my opinion provided the authenticity and emotional richness to the work. During the shooting process genuine passion for the brand was felt in every detail, which, of course, was worked out to the maximum,” said Barry Makariou.

“The second edition of our advertising campaign “ARARAT. Heart to Heart” is about creating a deep dive into the heart of ARARAT brandy production to invite our consumers to take part in the birth of ARARAT from the grapes to the glass. We want to share the main steps of the production of our legendary Armenian brandy to reinforce our differentiation: the generosity of the Armenian land, the art of blending rare spirits and the history created by the ageing process. The real challenge was to develop a creative visual revealing the entire process and at the same time to keep the emotional link of the brand with its consumers. ARARAT is about our Masters devoted to the brand for many and many years and always proud to share a glass of our brandy with generosity and open-heart,” said Karine Madelrieu, Sales & Marketing Director of Yerevan Brandy Company.

“When preparing a new advertising campaign for ARARAT, TBWA Moscow was challenged to reflect both the production process of the brandy and the main values of the brand. The unique historical heritage of the brand, its origin and the mastery of people creating brandy, gave us the idea of the similarities between ARARAT and Armenia itself. Generous nature, ancient history, special people – all of this is Armenia, and all of this is ARARAT. The main distinctive features of Armenia are inherent in ARARAT brandies, these features make them what they are. Thus, the idea of ​​“ARARAT brandies were created by Armenia itself and became its integral part” was born, ”says Alena Pankova, Senior copywriter of TBWA\Moscow.