The US actions in the South Caucasus are directed against Russia, said a member of the Russian upper house security and defense committee Frants Klintsevich.

His remark came in response to comment on the visit of the US security adviser John Bolton to the Caucasus.

According to him, Armenia is one of the few countries that never betrayed Russia.

“I think they will not sell weapons to Azerbaijan, but they will talk about it in order to aggravate the situation,” Klintsevich noted.

According to military expert, the US media actively exaggerated information that the US would ensure the possibility of arms supplies to Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Russia stands against this, but the Americans always think about money, and even at the moment of escalating the situation and the next provocations, the expert noted.

During the John Bolton’s visit to Armenia, he made a number of unprecedented statements claiming that US weapons are superior to Russian ones, and that Washington is ready to consider the possibility of arm supplies to Yerevan.