Pope Francis received outgoing Armenia’s ambassador to the Holy See MIkayel Minasyan on Thursday.

Pope touched upon the fruitful cooperation aimed at expanding relations between Armenia and the Vatican during Minasyan’s mission.

Ambassador Minasyan thanked the pontiff for his support and warm attitude towards Armenia and the Armenian nation. Minasyan presented Pope with a book dedicated to Armenia-Vatican relations.

“Yesterday, as a retired ambassador, I bid farewell to the Bishop of Rome. Looking in Francis' eyes, it was difficult to say how I feel in the light of justice, memory and strength. I conveyed to the Pope the love and gratitude of all of us.

I want to thank you the High Father, as an Armenian citizen of the Republic of Armenia and just as a person you have accepted and loved.

You will always be in the prayers of all of us,” Minasyan wrote on Facebook.